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DNActive Skin Solutions of Stem Cells

HKD480.00 HKD858.00

A body guard of skin from Nature! With the Swiss botanical stem cells technology, this light-weight, anti-oxidative cell repair formula is the key to reactivate the cell power to repair skin cells and soothe the stressed skin. Its 24 Hydrate Cream formulated with Moist 24™ helps lock in moisture and build round-the-clock water bank, delivering incredible hydration results even after shower. Laboratory tests have shown efficacy in activating collagen synthesis and cellular repair to alleviate signs of premature aging. Skin is quenched and feels velvety soft and supple with youthful-looking glow.

The Set includes: 

  • DNActive Future Youth 24 Hydrate Cream 30g (Details)
  • DNActive Future Youth Essence-in-lotion 30ml (Details)
  • DNAactive Future Youth 5ml (Details)


Worth HK$585

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