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【4th Anniversary】Power C Firming and Brightening Capsule Set

HKD590.00 HKD860.00

20% Fresh Vitamin C
Twist for Glow and Firming Skin 

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A Vitamin C serum at 20% visibly improves skin firmness and reduces fine lines & wrinkles. Easy-to-use, single dose capsules.

Clinically Proven:
• 100% Improves Skin Elasticity
• 100% Reduces Dark Spot Color
• 97% Improves Skin tone and Radiance
• 97% Improve Wrinkles issue

*Clinical test results are based on a Lactic Acid sting test: Number of test subjects: 30 women total, 10 with sensitive skin / Age: Between 30 and 65 years old / Duration: 8 weeks / Frequency: Once daily

The Set includes:
• Power C Firming and Brightening Capsule (50 Capsules) (Details)
• Spa Soothing Tonic for Sensitive Skin 237ml (Details)

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