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Festive Glow & Moisture Set

HKD350.00 HKD760.00

Holiday Glow & Moisture Set 

Let's your skin glow in this holiday! This radiance duo set include the essential step of natural glowing skin by keeping your skin clean and moisturized and improving the illuminous and clarity of your skin! formulated with a novel tri-action that erases dullness, unsightly spots and shields skin from heavy metal pollutants with abundant antioxidant actives for a younger, radiant complexion.

Worth: $760

  • Brightening Puri-Tox Soothing Creamy Cleanser: A silky cleansing lotion infused with exclusive "Botanical Complex" and a perfect blend of 3 active collagens, can help remove impurities while leaving skin refreshed and hydrated.

  • Brightening Puri-Tox Watery Crème: A light, refreshing gel-creme immediately hydrates and brightens up dull complexion with youthful energy.


Set includes:

  • Brightening Puri-Tox Soothing Creamy Cleanser 100ml |  Details>
  • Brightening Puri-Tox Watery Crème 30g  |  Details

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