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DNActive ™ Future Youth Essence & Cream Set

HKD450.00 HKD950.00

No. 1 DNActive ™ Future Youth Essence & Cream Set

A body guard of skin from Nature! With the Swiss botanical stem cells technology, this light-weight, anti-oxidative cell repair formula is the key to reactivate the cell power to repair skin cells and soothe the stressed skin. It unveils the cellular rejuvenation power to optimize the skin protection against visible signs of aging and aggressions and stimulate the synthesis of collagen, restoring balanced and youthful skin’s elasticity. Skin feels velvety smooth and firm with an even-toned radiance.

Value $950

  • DNActive™ Future Youth 24Hydrate : empowered with extraordinary rejuvenating formula to bring profound age defying benefits, leaving the eye contour look brighter, smoother and more lifted. A secret elixir to renew skin at any age.


  • This light-weight, anti-oxidative stem cell DNActive™ Future Youth essence: is the key to keep skin supple and youthful. Skin feels velvety smooth and firm with an even-toned radiance. Signs of premature aging are remarkably alleviated.

Set includes:

  • DNActive™ Future Youth 24Hydrate 30ml  |  Details>
  • DNActive™ Future Youth 15ml  |   Details

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