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Fango Starter Kit (Delicato)

HKD198.00 HKD400.00

Set Included:
Fango Delicato Mud for Delicate Dry Skin 76g
Curaforte Moisture Intensifier 5ml (Product detail)
Restorative Eye Sheet Mask 1 pair (Product detail)

HK$198  /  1 set 

Benefit (Fango Delicato Mud for Delicate Dry Skin):
  • Hydrates and firms dry, delicate skin
  • Repairs dry skin, promoting hydration and diminishing fine lines with Aloe Vera Gel, Oat Protein and Mango Butter
  • Calms skin, restoring suppleness and vigor with Chamomile, Green Tea Extracts and Olive Oil
  • Protects skin from the environment and helps restore suppleness with Vitamin E and Safflower Oil
  • Soothes skin and restores its moisture balance with our signature Acqua di Vita Complex

Ingredients (Fango Delicato Mud for Delicate Dry Skin):
  • Aloe Vera Gel reduces redness and calms the skin
  • Oat Protein soothes and nourishes
  • Mango Butter locks in moisture
  • Acqua di Vita Complex hydrates and energizes the skin

How to use (Fango Delicato Mud for Delicate Dry Skin):
Apply generously (about one quarter inch thick) to clean skin (face, neck and/or body), avoiding the lip and eye areas. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly using sponge or washcloth.

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