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Spa-Whitening PLUS Vitamin C Lightening Source

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A multi-benefit whitening cocktail with highly concentrated Vitamin c derivatives promotes depigmentation and neutralizes the damage of free radicals. Formulated with an ultra smoothing complex to minimize dark spots and generate lasting firmness. Skin is restored with clarity and youthfulness.

HK$500  /  30 ml

  • The appearance of dark spots is reduced with lasting firmness. Skin is restored with clarity and youthfulness 
  • Bio-Whitening Botanical Complex controls melanin production and restructures skin cells to eliminate dark spots and freckles
  • 10% of pure Vitamin C derivative enhances cellular turnover rate to lighten dark spots
  • Beta Carotene and Gluconic Acid inhibit the production of tyrosinase and boost blood circulation
  • Natural Minerals restore skin natural moisture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles

How to Use:
Apply morning and evening. Gently massage over cleansed face and eye contour in circular motions.

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