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滿$400免運費 全店購物滿$600享額外85折 • 買3件套裝送18件美肌禮品

Spa-Whitening PLUS Micro-Collagen Boosting Program


This 4-week intensive program offers unprecedented performance to prevent and repair early signs of aging by alleviating pores, fine lines, loss of firmness and uneven skin tone. The precious platinum formula enables profound absorption of beneficial nutrients for visible results. Skin is recharged with suppleness, resilience and luminescence.

HK$2,000  /  20 ml x 4

  • Skin is recharged with suppleness, resilience and luminescence, looking flawless and feeling incredibly smooth

  • 3 active Marine Collagens strengthen water retention system, stimulate collagen growth and deeply hydrate to relieve fine lines and wrinkles
  • Colloidal Platinum Water helps maintain skin’s electric balance, enabling profound absorption of nutrients for visible results. Its anti-oxidative properties help improve signs of aging rapidly
  • Bio-Whitening Botanical Complex and Alpha-arbutin help control melanin production and restructure skin cells to eliminate dark spots and freckles

How to Use:
Apply morning and evening. Gently massage over eye, face and neck in circular motions. Use 1 program every 3 months as a regular skin supplement or as needed.

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