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DNActive™ Future Youth 24Hydrate

This sheer cream formula delivers incredible hydration results. Laboratory tests have shown efficacy in activating collagen synthesis, cellular repair to alleviate signs of premature aging.

HK$550  /  30 g

  • Skin is quenched and feels velvety soft and supple with youthful-looking radiance. 

  • BioNymph Peptide, a patented ingredient enhances cell DNA repair ability to fight against visible signs of aging and aggressions.
  • Moist 24™, a patented ingredient helps lock in moisture and build round-the-clock water bank.
  • Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract helps stimulate synthesis of collagen and combat free radicals to reduce wrinkles and improve firmness.
    How to Use:  
    Apply morning and evening. Gently massage over cleansed face and neck.

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