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【Holiday Collection Gift Set】 Ginseng Firming Multi-Masking Set

HKD290.00 HKD606.00

Party Skin SOS Treatment
Ginseng Firming Multi-Masking Set
$290 | Worth $606

Either want to be a radiant presence at Christmas parties or search for a instant rescuer to save your skin after overnight events with long lasting makeup? Look no further than the mud mask that can instantly purify your skin by removing all types of impurity, toxic and dead cells, and empower the skin with exceptional renewal power. The nourishing Ginseng Root Mud Mask combines various natural extracts to deeply cleanse and exfoliate, leaving your skin refined and smooth, laying the perfect foundation for flawless makeup.

The set includes 4 types of Mud Mask to address various skin need, including Anti-aging and firming, hydration, brightening, and Soothing acne-prone skin, allowing you to custom your own Multi-Masking formula.

All Fango mud masks are allergy tested and can be applied to face and body.

Set includes:
• Advanced Fango Active Mud for Face and Body 7.5OZ (212g)
• Advanced Delicato Mud for Delicated Dry Skin 1OZ (28g)
• Brightening Mud for Face and Body 1OZ (28g)
• Purifying Mud for Face and Body 1OZ (28g)
• Teardrop Cleansing Sponge

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