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【Holiday Collection Gift Set】Stem Cell Revitalizing Skincare Set

HKD1,980.00 HKD3,832.00

【The Luxurious Revival Power】
Stem Cell Revitalizing Skincare Set
$1,980 | Worth $3,832

Reward yourself for a year of hard work and provide intensified repair for your skin. Boosting your skin renewal power with the DNActive Stem Power Future Youth series, infused with precious natural skin-revitalizing ingredients sourced from extreme environments such as the deep sea and desert. Combining Swiss cutting-edge biotechnology, this DNActive set precisely activates your skin's self-repair and protection functions, revealing significant results of revitalized skin and unparalleled smoothness. Instantly restore your skin's health during the Christmas season and showcase a renewed complexion that radiates with confidence and beauty.

Set includes:
• DNActive Future Youth Cell Power Face Cream 50g
• DNActive Future Youth Cell Power Eye Cream 15g
• DNActive Future Youth Essence 15ml X2
• DNActive Future Youth Essence-in-lotion 30ml X2

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