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DNActive™ Future Youth Resculpt Body Lift

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A high-performance, concentrated formula enriched with a powerful blend of botanical actives targets to minimize the appearance of cellulite and fat for a beautifully firm and contoured body. 

HK$390  /  125 ml

  • The appearance of cellulite and fat remarkably reduces for a beautifully firm and contoured body 

  • BioNymph Peptide, a patented ingredient enhances cell DNA repair ability to fight against visible signs of aging and aggressions
  • Rose Pepper Extract helps weaken lipid protection, eliminate stubborn body fat, speed up circulation and expel accumulated toxins 
  • Green Microalgae Oligopeptide and Stabilised Flavonoid help tighten and smooth stretch marks and “orange-peel” appearance due to cellulite
How to Use:
Apply morning and evening. Massage on target areas (arms, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and legs) in upward circular motion. Wash hands after use. Do not apply on face. Avoid contact with face and eyes.

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