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Holiday Limited Set: Fango Mud Mask Duo Set (Avocado & White Honey Formula)

HKD300.00 HKD658.00

Firm and Moisturizing Sources
Detox. Fortify. Renew.

This set allow you to experience the power of multi-masking with the Fango Best Sellers Mud Mask. Now you can focus on the real needs of your skin and achieve synergy on the skincare ritual.

Value: $756

  • Fango Active Mud for Face and Body: Our signature and classic Fango Active is a one-and-only, must-have, mineral-rich mud. It's a sensational step beyond everyday clean. Derived from traditional Tuscan treatments, its deep-down purifying power purges and minimizes pores. It exfoliates and helps surface cell turnover, imparting clarity. It hydrates and firms reducing fine lines and providing smooth, toned texture. Infused with Sweet Almond and Avocado Oils, this mud detoxifies and does away with dull skin, leaving skin radiant and refreshed.

  • Advanced Fango Delicato Mud for Delicate Dry Skin: Advanced Fango Delicato - gentle yet effective mask cleans and purifies even the most fragile, delicate skin, providing intense moisturization to help address signs of premature aging. Formulated with a blend of mineral, Olive Fruit: Extract, Aloe and Chamomile Extract to help fight free radical damage, and help soothe and moisturize dry skin.
  • Fango Mud Masks are allergy-tested.

  • Curaforte Moisture Intensifier: a lightweight formula that intensifies and maximizes the skin's capacity to hold onto moisture. It softens and lifts dull surfeit cells allowing the benefits of moisturizers to penetrate easily and perform at their optimum.

Set includes:

  • Fango Active Mud for Face and Body 1OZ X4  (Details)
  • Advanced Fango Delicato Mud for Delicate Dry Skin 1OZ X4 (Details)
  • Curaforte Moisture Intensifier 30ml (Details)
  • Teardrop Cleansing Sponge (Details)

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