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滿$400免運費 全店購物滿$600享額外85折 • 買3件套裝送18件美肌禮品 • 12-18/6 精選買1送1

Fango Multi-Masking 泥漿面膜5件裝


Experience the Self Care moment with Fango Multi-Masking! A collection of 4 styles of Fango mud masks, including Avocado detoxifying and purifying mud, White Honey nourishing and repairing treatment mud, Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract brightening and rejuvenating mud, and AHA pore-clearing formula. According to the needs of different parts of the skin, you can now formulate your own personal Home Spa ritual with different masks treatment. Immersing yourself in an extremely soothing and relaxing sensory feast in 5 minutes, while achieving a complete purification and treatment in one step, and enjoy the sensory Me Time to reset your body and mind.

Set includes:

  • Purifying Mud for Face and Body 1OZ (28g) (Details
  • Fango Active Mud for Face and Body 1OZ (28g) (Details
  • Delicato Mud for Delicated and Dry Skin 1OZ (28g) (Details
  • Brightening Mud for Face and Body 1OZ (28g) X2 (Details

(Value: $291)

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