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3rd Anniversary - Moisture Intensifier for Face & Eye Set

HKD650.00 HKD1,304.00

<Moisture Intensifier for Face & Eye Set>

The most popular set helps skin to become supple and toned. Lightweight formula intensifies and maximizes the skin's capacity to hold onto moisture. It softens and lifts dull surface cells allowing the benefits of moisturizers to penetrate easily and perform at their optimum.

Fast-absorbing eye serum helps diminish dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles for a fresher, more lifted look. Dermatologist tested. Ophthalmologist tested.

Spa Soothing Tonic is a non-irritating, alcohol-free, fragrance-free toner that helps hydrate, condition and re-balance skin, leaving it healthy and glowing. It can also effectively soothe the skin itchy and pain caused by shaving.

Set includes:
  • Curaforte Moisture Intensifier 50ml (Details)
  • Fluido Protettivo Advanced Spa Lift for Eyes 15ml (Details)
  • Spa Soothing Tonic for Sensitive Skin 237ml、50ml x 2pcs. (Details)

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